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PureBites+ Dog Treats Skin and Coat 85g

PureBites+ Dog Treats Skin and Coat 85g

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At PureBites® we are always asking pet parents to Go Ahead, look at our ingredients. Simplicity and the high-quality ingredients we choose to feed our family makes a difference. At PureBites®, this means every member of our family. PureBites+ RAW freeze dried Skin & Coat function dog treats are the ultimate limited ingredient daily health treat or supplement.

Key Features/Benefits:

  • Made with 5 human grade ingredients
  • Made fresh & pure, using a delicate freeze drying process
  • 100% natural, high in protein and nothing added like colors, fillers or sweeteners
  • Ideal for dogs with digestion issues or dogs that are on a restricted diet
  • Packaged in recyclable bags
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