Alanna - Meet the Manager!

It's no secret that Alanna is Janna's daughter but that's not the reason why she got the job!

Alanna with a Hedgehog

Alanna came with several years of management experience in the retail sector.  It is no surprise that she also has life long experience with an assortment of animals and in particular the 14 parrots she was born into this world with.

Alanna has a passion for small animals but most especially guinea pigs as she keeps 4 as pets at home.  This is a good thing as The Urban Zoo specializes in the most high quality guinea pigs and she is truly talented at performing the grooming services offered at the shop.  Talk guinea pig to her!

Alanna takes great pride in continuing learning the care requirements of all the small pets we offer.

Since joining The Urban Zoo, she also found a passion for reptiles and enjoys caring for them and educating clients about their needs and what to expect when keeping a reptile as a pet.  She also keeps a crested gecko at home.

Janna with Alanna

Alanna has fostered many special relationships with our valued regular clients and knows after 1 or 2 visits exactly what you are there to get to feed your reptiles!