Janna - Avian Expert

Janna's lifelong dream of owning her own pet shop came true in July 2021, when she purchased The Urban Zoo and moved the location from Upper James and Fennel to the more accessible location we now enjoy @ 540 Concession St (See map).

Janna with Jose

Janna has been in the pet industry in various different roles since 1989.  Her experience as an Avian Veterinary Assistant, pet store operations supervisor and purchasing manager, conference speaker/director, shows in her passion and dedication.  To educating and providing ongoing support to clients and visitors to The Urban Zoo.

How it happened:

Pre-pandemic Janna owned and operated a company called Superior Parrots.  This was a mobile service company providing in person consultations for behaviour's, nutrition, environment, overall wellness checks and grooming services for all pet birds.

When the pandemic happened it was impossible to drive all over southern Ontario going in and out of client's houses.

Chris, the previous owner of The Urban Zoo asked Janna to evaluate two newly arrived parrots that had just entered The Urban Zoo rehoming program.  Janna and Chris have known each other for many years and got to talking about how the pandemic had affected both of their businesses.  That's when it was decided that Janna would join The Urban Zoo.

Janna with her birds

Within a few months the lease was coming to its end at the old location and Chris felt it was time to go into semi-retirement.  He put his trust in Janna to purchase The Urban Zoo and take over operations.

So that the legacy could live on and people far and wide can continue to trust the high quality service and selection The Urban Zoo provides the local community as well clients from all over southern Ontario.

Janna with Alanna
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