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Let us pamper your pet while you travel worry free!  Stays can be one night or several weeks. Please fill out the form below, and ensure to tell us about your pet, length of stay and any further comments in the comments box.  We will follow up to confirm price and booking.

See general detail and pricing for boarding services on our Boarding Services page.

  • I knew nothing about birds before meeting the staff at the Urban Zoo.
    Upon falling in love with Snickers, I am now the proud owner of 6
    conures.  Each with their own personality, Snickers, Mars, Twix, Aero,
    Mr Big and Reeces are still boarded and well cared for by the staff. I
    wouldn't have it any other way.

    — Matthew Stevens

  • Janna and her team have been so trustworthy taking care of my Conure
    parrot when I go away. I have been using their services for years. My
    bird Zeezee loves it there with Janna and everyone's warm caregiving
    natures and all the happy busy sounds of the animal and customers all
    around (she gets a quiet back room though which is nice) They do
    grooming as well which is much appreciated and convenient. I often get
    bird behaviour advice which I like given their decades of experience.
    Zeezee always comes home to me relaxed and well from her bird sitting as
    I come home relaxed and well too from my vacation. Win win. Highly
    recommend The Urban Zoo for your boarding needs.

    — Nancy

  • Our eclectus parrot named Scarlet is taken well care of by the Urban Zoo
    when I go on Holidays , in fact I notice more talking and communicating
    when I pick her up, a sign of happiness.
    The bird is our loving pet, I would not hesitate to bring her here anytime, I sense she has had a good stay at the Urban zoo.

    — Mike