Valuable Links

We have the best partners - and we want to support them as they support us.
  • HARI

    HARI (Hagen Avicultural Research Institute), an organization dedicated to avian research, conservation, and education. The site serves as a platform for sharing information about their efforts in avian science, sustainable practices, and avian well-being, catering to bird enthusiasts, breeders, and pet owners seeking valuable insights into aviculture and responsible bird care. 
  • Hagen Pet Products

    Hagen, a prominent company specializing in pet care products. The site offers a range of pet supplies and accessories, catering to various animals such as birds, small animals, reptiles, dogs, and cats. It serves as a hub for pet owners to explore and purchase a diverse selection of quality products to enhance the well-being and care of their pets. 
  • Exo Terra

    Exo Terra

    Exo Terra is dedicated to enhancing reptile and amphibian well-being through top-tier habitat solutions inspired by nature. Their terrariums and accessories are crafted to reflect the reptiles’ and amphibians’ natural habitats. Beyond just products, their goal is to enlighten hobbyists and professionals, promoting responsible care and ethical treatment.