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Odour Buster

Odour Buster Original litter 14kg

Odour Buster Original litter 14kg

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 Odour Buster Clumping Cat Litter is a clay based premium clumping cat litter ideal for single or multi-cat homes. Unlike most leading brands, Odour Buster was originally created for the agricultural sector and was later redesigned for residential use. This unique adaptation resulted in a powerful, dust free odour control solution that lasts for up to 7 days! Odour Buster cat litter is an ultra premium cat litter brand. It uniquely controls odours in a way most other brands cannot.


  • Designed for agricultural use; if it can control odours in a chicken coop or pig pen, it can handle even the toughest litter box odours
  • Made from premium quality clay that is responsibly mined
  • Contains 8 natural odour and bacterial eliminating ingredients
  • Dust free, to help keep your litter area cleaner
  • All natural, free of harmful chemicals or perfumes
  • Does not require daily maintenance
  • Best of all: Made in Canada
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