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Marina Decorative Fossils (T - REX)

Marina Decorative Fossils (T - REX)

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Add an authentic-looking prehistoric feature to your aquarium with this Marina Fossil Ornament. This ornament features a complete replica of a fossilized T-REX that paleontologists dream of discovering. This life-like polyresin ornament is a meticulous replica of a real rock and blends in naturally in a wide variety of settings. Made of non-toxic polyresin, it will not affect water chemistry or clarity. It is also lightweight, minimizing possible damage to aquarium glass.

Key Features

Authentic-looking prehistoric fossil
Complete replica of a fossilized T-REX
Life-like polyresin ornament
Naturally blends in a wide variety of settings
Non-toxic ornament is safe for fish and water
Color: Brown.
Size: 8.5" x 9" x 1.8"

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