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Living World HARI Java Coffee Wood Perch Large

Living World HARI Java Coffee Wood Perch Large

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Sustainable, and ultra-durable, Coffee Wood Perches are made from 100% reclaimed Coffea canephora trees that have become dormant and are no longer producing coffee beans. In order to make way for new plants, rather than simply discarding or disposing of the tree, coffee farmers have found a way to give new purpose with the non-productive trees. And, that’s great for our companion birds!

As a natural wood surface that offers a variance in diameter and textures, Coffee Wood Perches bring a touch of nature’s beauty to your feathered friend’s environment and allow them to pick what’s comfortable.

The irregular shape promotes healthy foot care and is an ideal strategy to help prevent bumblefoot (pododermatis). Coffee wood is also quick and easy to clean which helps any bird owner with optimal perch maintenance and husbandry.

  • 100% reclaimed Coffea canephora wood
  • Provides a secure, non-slip resting & perching area
  • Ultra-durable, long-lasting hardwood
  • Available in three sizes
  • Side mounted, heavy-duty nickel-plated hardware
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