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Living World Extrusion Diet for Rabbits - 1.4 kg (3.3 lb)

Living World Extrusion Diet for Rabbits - 1.4 kg (3.3 lb)

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Living World Extrusion for Rabbits is a premium, all-in-one diet that contains a blend of high quality, highly palatable ingredients to ensure rabbits receive a correctly-balanced meal.

Rabbits have a habit of picking out their favourite food from conventional mixed seed diets, usually the ones that are high in fat, such as sunflower seeds. With Living World Extrusion, there’s no selective eating or food waste.

Extrusion’s specially-balanced formula has all the protein, fibre, vitamins, and minerals necessary to help keep rabbits healthy, including a soft, shiny coat and strong bones.

The food comes in a stand-up bag with a resealable zipper to seal in freshness. Living World Extrusion Diet is also available for hamsters and guinea pigs.

Size : 1.4 kg (3.3 lbs).

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