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Komodo Revitalive Reptile Vitamin Aid 105g

Komodo Revitalive Reptile Vitamin Aid 105g

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Transporting reptiles can cause dehydration, diarrhoea and lack of appetite. Revitalive aids reptile recovery after transportation or other stresses. When it is dissolved in water Revitalive promotes effective hydration and provides essential electrolytes and vitamins. It is a vital tool in any reptile first aid kit.

Revitalive may be used on its own or as a support with the normal diet.


  • Provides essential electrolytes & water soluble vitamins during periods of stress convalescence and infirmity
  • Easy to mix and administer
  • Aids recovery from dehydration
  • Contains essential vitamins
  • Suitable for dragons, geckos, snakes, tortoises & many other reptiles
  • Each sachet provides nourishment for up to 8kg of reptile.
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