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JW Pet

JW Pet Hol-ee Football Dog Chew Puzzle Toy, Large

JW Pet Hol-ee Football Dog Chew Puzzle Toy, Large

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The JW® Hol-ee Roller® Egg dog toy plays off the do-it-all concept of the best-selling Hol-ee Roller to keep dogs engaged and entertained in a wide variety of ways providing essential mental stimulation. Perfect for gentle chewers and teething puppies. Tug it, fetch it, or stuff the center with a squeaky ball, toys, or treats to create a challenging puzzle for your dog. Made of durable natural rubber that is gentle on a dog's gums as they chew and teeth. Suitable for a wide variety of dog breeds. Ships in assorted colors: Green, Blue, and Orange.



  • Works great as a fetch, chew, and treat toy
  • Made from natural, non-toxic rubber
  • Gentle on your dog's mouth
  • Stuff with your dog's favorite treats
  • Durable non-toxic rubber

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