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Fruit Delight Avi-Cakes for Small Birds 8oz

Fruit Delight Avi-Cakes for Small Birds 8oz

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Your small bird might pick and choose his way through a loose seed mix, but he’ll love pulling, stretching, crunching, and twisting his way through Fruit Delight Avi-Cakes, and he’ll consume better nutrition along the way.

Fruit Delight Avi-Cakes’ nutrition matches that of most pelleted diets, so it can be fed as a main meal, and it also makes the perfect “bridge” food to wean your bird off of seeds and onto pellets, which small birds are especially likely to resist. Fruit Delight Avi-Cakes has 50% pellets; so many birds will eat pellets after eating Fruit Delight Avi-Cakes.

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