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Exo Terra

Exo Terra Cricket Pen Large

Exo Terra Cricket Pen Large

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The Exo Terra Cricket Pen is ideal for housing, keeping and dispensing live crickets. Crickets prefer dark spaces, and will readily crawl into the tubes which provide hiding places for them, making it easy to use the tubes as dispensing tools. The tubes remain in position when the lid is removed, allowing easy access and less chance of cricket escape. Simply pull out a tube, shake a few crickets into the terrarium or feeder, and replace the tube back into the cricket pen.

Tip: To keep your crickets alive longer “gut load” or provide a slice of apple for food!


Crickets Size: < ½” (2-4), ½” (5-6), Adult (7-8) Holds (approx.): 250 100 50 Directions for Use: Use as cricket carrier or holding pen. Simply slide the tube out of the Exo Terra Cricket Pen and drop the flapper down to prevent escapes. If needed, cover the tube opening with one hand while transporting it to the terrarium or feeder. Remove your hand and lightly tap on the tube to release the appropriate number of crickets for feeding. Only one tube should be removed at a time to avoid crickets escaping. Cricket Care: Crickets should be kept in a well-ventilated room at a temperature range between 21-23 0C (70-75 0F) with low humidity. Keep the cricket pen out of direct sunlight and cold drafts. Always keep the cricket pen clean and dry. High quality cricket food and water should be provided at all times, both of which should be offered in the shallow food and water dishes provided. The water dish has a foam insert to prevent the crickets from drowning. Replace the foam inserts when soiled or damaged. Available separately (PT2288). Cleaning Instructions: It is necessary to clean the unit regularly. Remove all debris and waste and clean the entire unit with hot tap water. Never use soap or detergent as it may leave a residue that can be harmful or even deadly to the crickets.

  • Complete cricket care kit
  • Removable, well-ventilated lid
  • Easy cricket dispenser
  • Includes cricket food and water bowl
  • Makes cricket feeding neat & tidy
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