The Most Adorable Adoptable Pets at The Urban Zoo March 2024

Here’s some fun animals! Baby rainbow lorikeet, Tree frogs, Guinea pigs and some bearded dragons. Also read some interesting information about these little guys.
The Most Adorable Adoptable Pets at The Urban Zoo March 2024

Whats new at The Urban Zoo! Check out our new adoptable pets of March 2024 

Hand raised baby Rainbow Lorikeet, baby Veiled Chameleon, Whites Tree Frogs, baby Bearded Dragons, and some adorable baby Guinea Pigs. 

Hand raised green nape rainbow lorikeet

Rainbow lorikeets are highly social birds that enjoy interaction with their owners. They thrive on attention, companionship, and mental stimulation, so they do best in households where they can receive regular socialization and enrichment. 

Baby Veiled Chameleon
Chameleons, with their zygodactyl feet, independently moving eyes, and distinctive casque on their head, are living works of art, effortlessly blending into their surroundings through their remarkable ability to change Colors.

Whites Tree Frogs
Tree frogs are known for their unique adaptations, such as color-changing abilities and adhesive toe pads. Creating a suitable habitat allows these amphibians to thrive as captivating and low-maintenance pets. Tree frogs are also captivating creatures known for their climbing abilities and melodic calls.

oBaby bearded dragon

Bearded dragons are omnivorous and display fascinating behaviours like arm-waving. They make wonderful pets with their engaging personalities and unique traits.

Baby lunkarya guinea pigbaby smooth coat guinea pigbaby lunkarya guinea pig
Guinea pigs, endearing creatures with captivating personalities. From their charming vocalizations to their social nature, guinea pigs make for adorable companions that will warm your heart❤️.

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