Are you looking for an easy to handle small pet that generally responds affably to the gentle human touch? The Urban Zoo acknowledges there are several different types of small animal options for pet owners. Furry little animals normally considered for pets include various small mammal breeds that vary in colour, size and lifestyle.

Small pet owners derive the most enjoyment with rabbits, guinea pigs and rats during the day when they are chiefly active. Gerbils, mice and hamsters, however, are customarily active at night and tend to nap during the daytime. Some small pet devotees may prefer a solitary small animal such as a hamster, rabbit, or guinea pig, while others may be partial to group animals and identify with mice and gerbils. Group animals seek the company of their own kind and these small creatures are hardy, quiet and interesting to observe. Small pet owners should be aware that although some small animals are content to live with each other, there are situations where some male mammals should be separated from other males.

Unusual breeds of small pets, such as the ferrets, degues, chinchillas and hedgehogs require more specialize pet care, however, with research, time and effort, you’ll discover the pleasure of exploring another world of small mammals. All these small, furry creatures will enchant you with their bright eyes and twitching noses.

Once customers have researched their small pet’s needs, our competent staff will be pleased to suggest our various animal care products for small mammal nurturing.