The Urban Zoo understands why many people are attracted to birds as pets. Birds have several desirable characteristics, ranging from their different colours and sizes, to their own distinct breed-specific behaviours and specialized abilities.

If you are searching for a melodic bird, canaries will sweeten your day with a cheerful song, whereas, finches will fill your world with soothing murmurs. Budgies and cockatiels are playful birds, who are enjoyable interactive companions, they will delight you with their intelligence and amusing antics. Other birds, such as the Macaws, African Grays and Cockatoos are the larger exotic birds. These bigger exotic birds require a strong commitment from pet owners due to their longevity but the fruits of your labor will be rewarded, with an ‘almost’ lifetime of loyal friendship!

The bird lover’s quest is to light upon a complimentary feathered friend. Finding the best bird for your lifestyle involves a great deal of thought since bird behaviours and personalities vary as much as that of humans. Once customers have researched their particular bird and its needs, our competent staff will be pleased to suggest our various bird care products for pet nurturing.


  • Hari (Hagen Avicultural Research Institute)

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