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Are you looking for an easy to handle small pet that generally responds affably to the gentle human touch? The Urban Zoo acknowledges there are several different types of small animal options for pet owners. Furry little animals normally considered for pets include various small mammal breeds that vary in colour, size and lifestyle.

Small pet owners derive the most enjoyment with rabbits, guinea pigs and rats during the day when they are chiefly active. Gerbils, mice and hamsters, however, are customarily active at night and tend to nap during the daytime. Some small pet devotees may prefer a solitary small animal such as a hamster, rabbit, or guinea pig, while others may be partial to group animals and identify with mice and gerbils. Group animals seek the company of their own kind and these small creatures are hardy, quiet and interesting to observe. Small pet owners should be aware that although some small animals are content to live with each other, there are situations where some male mammals should be separated from other males.

Unusual breeds of small pets, such as the ferrets, degues, chinchillas and hedgehogs require more specialize pet care, however, with research, time and effort, you'll discover the pleasure of exploring another world of small mammals. All these small, furry creatures will enchant you with their bright eyes and twitching noses.

Once customers have researched their small pet's needs, our competent staff will be pleased to suggest our various animal care products for small mammal nurturing.

Small Animal Housing:

The Urban Zoo has a wide range of housing products for small animals that vary in sizes, colours and styles. Our spacious home units and cages will house your small pet safely and comfortably since our suppliers build cages to meet superior quality standards. Small animal habitats at the Urban Zoo are built to be child- friendly with secure side locks and protected corners. Our small pet housing products are fabricated with lead and zinc- free wire and are designed with the appropriate bar spacing. Other attractive features of our home units include: accessible entry points; sturdy doors and safety latches but best of all ...they're convenient to clean!

If you can't find the home unit or cage that you desire ...then order it from our store catalogue. The Urban Zoo will be pleased to help you in choosing a housing unit or small animal cage to your satisfaction!

Whatever your style, we have special small animal cages for you offered at competitive prices!

Small Animal Accessories:

The Urban Zoo's small animal care products chart will assist you in searching for your pet's specific needs. View the small animal chart for care products designed and formulated for small pets.

  • Small Pet Furniture
    • Home Units/Cages
    • Edible Hide-Away's
    • Play Equipment
    • Tunnels
    • Log Houses
    • Exercise Balls
    • Litter Boxes
  • Small Pet Accessories
    • Ceramic Feed Dishes
    • Harnesses and Leashes
    • Water Tubes and Bottles
    • Chewable Toys
    • Non Chewable Toys
    • Housing Cones
    • Straw Nests
  • Health Care Products
    • Shampoos/Conditioners/Creams
    • Stain and Odor Removers
    • Small Pet Remedies
    • Mineral Stones
    • Bath Sand
    • Bedding
    • Nesting Fluff

The Urban Zoo's selection of home units and play accessories are functionally designed specifically for your small pet's housing and recreational activities.

Do you need more information on your particular small pet? We offer a variety of educational literature such as books and magazines to help you learn more about your small pet. Other learning aids such as audio-visual information tools (e.g., videos/DVD's) can be ordered upon request.

Small Animal Nourishment

The Urban Zoo endeavors to provide nutritious, wholesome small pet food, enriched with essential vitamins and minerals. Our shelves are stocked with pellets, premium seed, cereal and nut mixes, hay, treats as well as diet supplements. Our small pet food is always packaged to maintain freshness!

We carry only quality brand name products, and are proud to offer the following:

  • Living World
    • Living World small animal bedding: is made from unbleached biodegradeable materials that are free of aromatic oils that can harm your small pets respritory system. They are made of 100% natural recycled paper with non toxic colorants. This paper based product includes baking soda for controlling unwanted smells and the high density is great for absorption.

      Living World Hays and Chews: Living World Hays are specially grown and blended to help meet the nutritional needs of small animals. Each bag is quality assured to provide essential nutrients. Every Living World Hay has a unique texture and aroma that enhances its taste, while the high fibre content promotes excellent digestion and helps prevent obesity.

  • Habitrail
    • The Habitrail line of products has been completely redesigned, re-tooled and reinvigorated. Our new simple to assemble products can be put together in as little as 60 seconds, no engineering degree needed. With Habitrail® OVO, you have total access to the daily life of your hamster. You can enjoy watching your hamster play and scurry through the clear, colorful tubing; burrow and chew his cardboard maze or grab a snooze in any of the Habitrail® OVO units.

      Habitrail® OVO is quite possibly the most innovative and contemporary hamster habitat ever made. With a bright, fresh look and creative design, OVO includes everything young hamster owners could want for their pet.

      Since no Habitrail product would be complete without Add-Ons and Add-ins, we studied every detail of hamster life to create innovatively designed accessories that will increase your hamster's quality of life and your enjoyment.

  • Sunseed
    • "Feed with love" This motto really shows what the philosophy of the Vitakraft business is all about: The well-being of your small pet is our number one interest. With our extensive assortment we want to ensure the right feeding and caring of all pets on a high quality level.

      Sunseed products are the best vitamin-enriched mixes available. They have been specially formulated to be a balanced diet. Using only the finest quality seeds and grains, these mixtures are fortified with vitamins, minerals and electrolytes.

      At Vitakraft, Our knowledgeable staff is committed to the creation of innovative foods that provide the proper nourishment needed for the health and well being of your small pet.

  • 8 IN 1
    • Founded in 1888, 8 in 1 is not only among the most enduring pet products companies in the world, it's one of the most multi-faceted. Serving dogs, cats, birds, and small animals, we have provided for generations of healthy pets. With a product line of more than 1,200 items, 8 in 1 consistently sets industry standards for innovation and quality.

      We know your pets are more than companions they're part of the family. That's why our in-house team of researchers and nutritionists strives daily to craft the most complete health, grooming and pet food products on the market. The quality of our products translates directly into quality of life for pets of all kinds. We take that to heart. Our strategy is simple: we research and develop products with diligence and use the latest in technology to ensure our products are the best they can be.

      We never stop researching, learning, and innovating because we know that you never stop wanting healthy, happy pets in your family.

  • Super Pet
    • The bond you have for your furry or feathered friend is unique. There are so many things to love about sharing your life with a pet! You may like brushing your small animal's soft coat and enjoying its cuddly personality. Or you might be fond of listening to your pet bird's soothing song or laughing at its silly tricks. Our goal at Super Pet is to provide you with quality small animal products, pet bird products and good advice that will enhance your relationship with your pet.

      It's simple. We love pets! This passion inspires us to help you provide the best care for your smallest family member. You can choose from small animal habitats like CritterTrail or Habitat Defined. If birds excite you then consider EZ Care cages. Encourage healthy activity with accessories such as exercise balls and wheels and pet bird toys. And if you did not know Super Pet offers replacement parts for all habitats.

  • martin-Little Friends
    • LITTLE FRIENDS feed is produced by a technique called "Extrusion". With this method, the ingredients are cooked, expanded and formed under high temperature and pressure. Extruded food has an advantage over pelleted food because it creates more durable pellets.

      In addition, extrusion makes more of the starches digestible so less starch gets into the large intestine to be fermented by the bacteria. Together, this means there is less chance of your animal getting diarrhea when eating "Extruded" foods.

  • Vitakraft
    • VITAKRAFT is one of the biggest internationally active producers of bird food and supplies. Vitakraft Premium Menu Daily Food consists of fine, sun-ripened crops, seeds, peanuts, raisins, banana chips, corn, mung beans, carob, dehydrated pineapple , peas, striped sunflower seeds, oat kernels, coconut chips, dehydrated dates, buckwheat, dehydrated figs, dehydrated apples, dehydrated mango, and is enriched with vital vitamins A, B2, C, D3, E, honey, mineral salts and vegetables oils. With this product, you can feed your pet birds in a natural way and give your beloved birds the nutrition needed to stay healthy and happy. This is a Complete bird food for your pet bird as it is specially supplemented with the specific vitamins your species of bird requires for proper feathering and general health.