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If you are fascinated by dinosaurs, you may find reptiles to be the last vestige of this pre-historic epoch. Reptile hobbyists can design a miniature eco-system terrarium, complete with scaly-skinned, tongue-flicking creatures, and experience the feel of the dinosaur age. Our current technology makes it possible to re-create the living conditions of long ago. Caring for reptiles is relatively simple ...providing pet owners have made informed choices and have the proper equipment.



We have a very fine selection of Milk Snakes...

Ball Python

At The Urban Zoo, We have a great selection of Ball Pythons

Corn Snake

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Red Eyed Tree Frogs

Our Red Eyed Tree Frogs...

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Green Tree Frogs

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Fire Belly Toads

Our Fire Belly Toads...

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Bearded Dragon

We sell Bearded Dragons

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Our Veiled Chameleons are exquisite...

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Water Dragons

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Map Turtles

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Red Eared Sliders

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Yellow Bellied Turtles

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Hermit Crabs

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We have Aquarium Snails...

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Live Plants

We have a wide variety of live plants for your terrarium or aquarium...

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The Urban Zoo lodges a myriad of common reptiles, spanning from aquatic to semi-arid desert creatures. To simplify the selection process, our reptiles are organized into five groups: snakes; lizards; turtles; amphibians and others. Categorizing reptiles ensures customers are selecting the most suitable equipment for their reptile.

Nurturing pets ...big or small ...we help you do it best!

Reptile Terrarium Tanks:

If you are beginning to explore the world of reptiles, we can recommend the appropriate terrarium size. We offer a variety of glass terrarium tanks in many sizes and styles. Our roomy terrarium tanks will accommodate your reptile safely and comfortably since our suppliers construct tanks to meet superior quality standards. The terrarium tanks at the Urban Zoo are built for durability and our glass tanks are designed to resist scratches and discolouration for better reptile viewing. Some other appealing features of our terrarium tanks include: easy accessibility and secure tank lips to fit covers and hoods, but best of all ...the tanks are convenient to clean!

Stands and Cabinets:

Our stands and cabinets are strong enough to support the weight of our tanks. These important pieces of reptile furniture guard against terrarium glass breakage. Reptile tanks should always rest on smooth, level surfaces; our stands and cabinets meet these needs. Always check to ensure a stand or cabinet is the appropriate size for your tank.

Our stands and cabinets are available in various styles, dimensions and colours. They feature an assortment of textures that include a range of different wooden products and tubular steel. If you can't find the tank, stand or cabinet you desire ...then order it from our store catalogue. The Urban Zoo staff will find it a pleasure to help you in choosing either a tank, stand or cabinet that meets your needs!

Whatever your style, we have the best terrarium tank for you at great prices!

Hood Covers:

Reptile hobbyists require other important equipment to safeguard their pet. The Urban Zoo strives to meet these herpetoid needs by supplying the necessary reptile equipment such as functionable hood covers. Our herpetological equipment is designed to enhance your pet's reptilian life and health. We stock fundamental reptile equipment such as: metal-framed mesh air screen covers and various types of hoods. Mesh screen covers and hoods are useful agents for humidity control ...furthermore, they prevent reptiles from climbing out of the terrarium.

Terrarium Lighting:

The Urban Zoo has the necessary lighting equipment important for illuminating a reptile's terrarium. Light fixtures, such as dome lights and lamps ( incandescent/fluorescent/ heat/ infrared), in addition to various types of light bulbs (UV-A / UV-B/ black reptile bulbs/ infrared bulbs) are all readily available for our customers.

Proper lighting not only enhances a terrarium's beauty but it also acts as a heat source that is reliable and easily controlled. Essential lighting, such as full-spectrum light emissions from (ultraviolet) UV-A band bulbs, promote natural reptile behaviours while UV-B band rays, help reptiles to synthesize vitamin D3. Reptiles require this vitamin for the absorption of calcium in order to thrive. Incandescent basking bulbs and infrared bulbs provide another source of light, however, these light sources are more suitable for heating purposes.

Filters and Pumps:

Clean water is vital for prolonging your reptile's life span. The Urban Zoo has a range of filters and pumps to ensure fresh water for your aquatic or semi-aquatic reptiles. Our selection of filter mechanisms include: internal and external filters, in addition to clip-on and submersible filters. Our pumps are available in various sizes to accommodate your water system. Filters and pumps are indispensable tools used for purifying dirty water and for reducing the bacterial growth in your tank.


Accessories used for heat sources include under tank heaters; ceramic heaters; heating pads, and hot rocks. These heating products help to create the proper thermal gradient for your reptile's environment. The Urban Zoo's extensive selection of heating devices offers you various degrees of warmth for your cold-blooded creatures.

More Serviceable Equipment:

At The Urban Zoo, we provide other serviceable reptilian equipment used to promote and preserve your reptile's well-being and to maintain your terrarium. Listed below is some of the equipment we carry.

The Urban Zoo's Reptile Care Products

  • Reptile Equipment
    • Timers
    • Thermometers
    • Hygrometers
    • Algae Scrubbers
    • Algae Magnet Tank Cleaner
    • Cartilages
    • Carbon/Foam
    • Hoses, Connectors, and Valves
  • Decorative Accessories
    • Rocks and Coated Coral
    • Colored and Natural Gravel
    • Cork Bark
    • Driftwood/Bark Nuggets
    • Cork Bark
    • Cholla Skeletons
    • Decorative Skulls
    • Tank Backgrounds
  • Housing Equipment
    • Safe Substrate
    • Shelters/Hide A Ways
    • Basking Land Equipment
    • Feed/Water Recepticles
    • Gnarled wood for perches and visual barriers
    • Natural Plants (e.g. grape or manzanita branches)
    • Artificial Plants
    • Lighting/Heaters and Filters/Pumps
  • Health Care Products
    • Sulfa Block
    • Water Conditioners
    • Plant Food and Conditioners
    • Misters
    • Waste Control Solutions
    • Bacterial Filtration Supplements
    • Gravel Cleaner
    • Amonia Remover

Never decorate your tank with natural coral, shells or metal objects.
Don't use beach sand and never use cedar mulch as a substrate.

Do you need more information on your particular reptile? We offer a variety of educational literature such as books and magazines to help you learn more about your pet reptiles. Other learning aids such as audio-visual information tools (e.g., videos/DVD's) can be ordered upon request.

The quality of your reptile's health is directly related to its colouration, activity level, disease resistance, and reproduction abilities. The Urban Zoo's nutritious, wholesome reptile food is enriched with essential vitamins and minerals. We carry an assortment of commercial reptile food: flakes; granular pellets; freeze-dried insects, and calcium supplements. Live insects (e.g., crickets, mealworms, silkworms and horn-worms) and other protein feeders are available in various sizes. Always purchase a few different food types for your reptile, since a variety in diet is vital to your pet's well-being.

We carry only quality brand name products, and are proud to offer the following:

  • Exo Terra
    • Thanks to Exo Terra's natural approach, the terrarium hobby has evolved tremendously over the past few years. We turned a reptile cage into a terrarium! All Exo Terra products and components have been designed to work together, helping you to create and establish a harmonized natural-looking microhabitat. By combining the right products, Exo Terra makes it possible to cater to almost any species from almost any specialized habitat.

      Over the years, Exo Terra has become the market leader in reptile products for the natural terrarium. This achievement was made possible because our philosophy of successful, continuous innovation has become a basic underlying commitment, a culture and an attitude.

  • Zoo Med
    • Zoo Med's crowning achievement with the development and production of the first UVB reptile lamp on the market. This lamp along with heat and a proper diet allows herp breeders to maintain more fragile species (such as chameleons,etc.) in captivity, plus prevent or reverse metabolic bone disease in all species of lizards, turtles and tortoises.

      Zoo Med's UVB lamp range is the #1 choice with Zoos, Vets and professional reptile breeders. We estimate that our contribution to the development of UVB lighting for reptiles has saved hundreds of thousands of reptiles from an early death in captivity.

      Zoo Med became the first (and only) company to produce all natural reptile foods using no artificial preservatives, colors or flavors. Zoo Med formulates foods based on what the animals eat in the wild - far more nutritious than just colored corn pellets!

  • Zilla
    • Our vision is to expand and evolve the reptile hobby through the development of innovative and quality products.

      From a lush tropical jungle, to an arid desert climate, to an exotic aquatic habitat-whether you're a novice or an expert-we at Zilla are committed to providing exotic habitats 'where reptiles rule. From concept to completion, we strive to design and produce the best products to meet the specific requirements of your pets.

      Our knowledgeable staff is committed to the creation of innovative products that provide the resources needed for the successful keeping of reptiles and amphibians.

  • Tetra
    • Tetra is the only brand name that's become synonymous with ornamental fish keeping, thanks to Dr. Ulrich Baensch. He founded Tetra Werke (Company) in Melle, Germany 50 years ago, and pioneered the development of flake fish foods. Tetra now manufactures hundreds of products and publishes books for aquarium fish keeping, reptile and amphibian keeping, and water gardening.

  • Marine
    • is the current leader in supplying marine and reef aquarium supplies. We simply try to make as many people (including both our staff and our customers) as happy as possible. We found that we have been able to accomplish this by maintaining extremely low prices, providing friendly customer service, and simply liking what we do.

      We are committed to bringing top quality products to our customers at wholesale prices. By purchasing in high volumes and directly from manufacturers, we eliminate the middleman so we can pass the savings directly on to you.

  • Rep-Cal
    • Rep-Cal has combined the expertise of nutritional science with the best practical feeding experience to produce diets for reptiles that are superior by all standards. Our staff of veterinarians has thoroughly researched optimal vitamin and mineral levels for each species of reptile. We use plant ingredients which are naturally high in protein and fibers, and add all essential nutrients, including calcium and vitamin D3; and each pellet contains the proper proportion of nutrients, so there is no need to worry about picky eaters.

      Rep-Cal Foods are nutritionally complete, with the needs of individual species carefully researched and tested. Our ingredients are gently cooked by a process called extrusion to improve taste and digestibility. The extrusion process also heats the food to kill bacteria, and allows for the formation of a pellet that isn't dusty.