This is our Photo Wall, keep comming back as we will update it when we get new pets in the store. For any of you who bought a pet from us and want to share your experience or even a pic or two on our Photo Wall, you can E-mail us with your thoughts and attach the pics.

The Urban Zoo Macaws

  • Max, Maggie, and Big Red
  • Max Preening Maggie
  • Maggie at 2 months
  • Maggie and Big Red
  • Maggie May, our little basket of joy..
  • Maggie at 5 months wearing her harness
  • Who's the boss...!
  • This is Molly our other 1 year old macaw playing with Max. She passed away last year.
  • Max and Molly in the garage, Molly was about 6 months old.
  • Maggie at 1 year
  • Max playing in the snow
  • Max the clown...

  • Max trying to feed Miss Molly
  • Max posing for the camera
  • One good lookin bird...and he knows it
  • Max destroying the flowerbeds

  • Maggie at 2 months
  • Maggie in full flight
  • Mmmmm...steak
  • Max and Maggie on the perch

Kids Fest 2012 at the Warplane Heritage Museum

  • Max our Blue and Gold Macaw at kids fest
  • Maggie our Greenwing Macaw at kids fest
  • Priscilla our Ball Python at kids fest
  • Lady our Double Yellow Headed Amaxon at kids fest

  • Cleo, our resident Rabbit at kids fest
  • Our hand fed baby Cockateils
  • Our hand fed Jenday Conure-For Sale
  • One of our rabbits, sold at Kids Fest