This is our Photo Wall, keep comming back as we will update it when we get new pets in the store. For any of you who bought a pet from us and want to share your experience or even a pic or two on our Photo Wall, you can E-mail us with your thoughts and attach the pics.

Concession Street Festival 2011

  • Lady playing with the kids at Concession Street Festival.
  • Maggie hugging Mom
  • Clear for take off...!
  • Comming in for a landing...
  • Pricilla loves everyone...
  • Max's favorite color is pink...
  • The Good Life...
  • Our Beautiful little Jenday Conure
  • Max and Maggie's new friends...
  • One of our cute and cuddly bunnies...
  • Our beautiful cuddly Bearded Dragon
  • What a life...

Water Front Festival 2011

  • Hamilton Bulldogs Mascots...
  • Maggie down at the waterfront...
  • Pricilla loves to be cuddled
  • Newbie being spoiled again.

NDP Festival 2011

  • We look alike.
  • Lady and Maggie enjoying the sunshine
  • one of our rabbits
  • Maggie likes everyone

  • What a beautiful snake
  • Maggie loves the attention...
  • Love at first sight
  • It's only a snake..!

Some of our birds

  • The Three Muskateers
  • Our Jenday Conure and Blue Cap Poinus
  • Our Blue Cap Poinus is for sale
  • Our Jenday Conure is also for sale
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