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Download this amazing 3D screensaver and liven up your desktop with our brand new 3D tropical aquarium full of colorful moving coral fishes allowing you to feed them and knock at the glass to make them move!

The Urban Zoo features a beautiful and tranquil aquarium room where fish hobbyists can view a variety of freshwater tropical fish, ranging from the colorful community breeds to the more exotic non-community species. We have simplified the selection process for customers by classifying our fish according to categories. The Urban Zoo's fish grouping format ensures our patrons choose compatible fish species and the proper equipment for their aquarium.

The Urban Zoo's fish are tanked into three categories: community fish; nippy fish and nasty fish. The community fish group are tropical freshwater fish that can mix freely with each other (with the exception of goldfish that are only compatible with other goldfish). The nippy fish group must be handled carefully since they can be slightly aggressive and may be incompatible with the other fish in the aquarium. The nasty fish group are aggressive, non-community fish that are unsafe to mix with other fish in the tank. There are various fish species that overlap our fish categories, customers should only use our chart as a general guideline for fish compatibility. Once customers have selected their compatible fish, our competent staff will be pleased to suggest various aquatic care products used to nurture fish ...either for an existing tank or for a new aquarium.

The bird lover's quest is to light upon a complimentary feathered friend. Finding the best bird for your lifestyle involves a great deal of thought since bird behaviours and personalities vary as much as that of humans. Once customers have researched their particular bird and its needs, our competent staff will be pleased to suggest our various bird care products for pet nurturing.

Aquarium Tanks

We offer a variety of glass or acrylic aquarium tanks in many sizes and styles. Our spacious tanks will accommodate your fish safely and comfortably since our suppliers construct tanks to meet superior quality standards. The aquarium tanks at the Urban Zoo are constructed to with stand water pressure. Our glass tanks are designed to resist scratches and discolouration for better fish viewing. Some other attractive features of our aquarium tanks include: easy accessibility; secure tank lips to fit covers and hoods, but best of all ...the tanks are convenient to clean! If you are beginning to wade into the world of fish aquariums, we recommend you purchase a 20 gallon tank since they are less subjected to rapid temperature and PH changes.

Always check to ensure a stand or cabinets is the appropriate size for your tank.

Stands and Cabinets

Our durable solid stands and cabinets are strong enough to support the weight of any standardized tank. These important pieces of fish furniture guard against aquarium glass breakage. Fish aquariums should always rest on smooth, level surfaces; our stands and cabinets meet these needs.

Our stands and cabinets are available in an assortment of styles and dimensions. Some interesting fish furniture we feature include tubular steel and wooden textures. If you can't find the tank, stand or cabinet you desire ...then order it from our store catalogue. The Urban Zoo will be more than happy to help you in selecting a tank, stand or cabinet to your satisfaction.

Whatever your style, we have A Distinctive tank and stand for you at excellent prices!

Canopies and Hoods

The Urban Zoo strives to safeguard fish by supplying the necessary aquatic equipment for fish hobbyists. Our fish equipment is functionally designed to enhance your fish's aquatic life and health. We stock fish equipment such as canopies, hoods and aquarium lighting.

Canopies and hoods are useful agents for reducing water evaporation. The fish industry acknowledges lower water levels in aquariums result in mineral build-up, damaging filters and heaters; aquatic lids slows down this water evaporation process. Canopies and hoods serve two other purposes: they protect fish by preventing contaminants from entering into aquariums and they stop fish from jumping out of their tanks. Furthermore, maintaining aquarium temperatures and reducing electricity costs are, as well, attributed to these coverings. Lastly and most importantly, canopies and hoods are critical lighting fixtures used for aquarium illumination.

Aquarium Lighting

Improper or insufficient aquarium lighting causes fish stress, lessened activity and coloration, and poor growth and health in fish and invertebrates. The goal of fish tank lights is to replicate the natural conditions of light in natural habitats. Most aquarium fishes need up to 12 hours a day of the appropriate level of daylight, and it's up to you to give them normal days and nights as they don't have any other way to normalize behavioral cycles (like spawning or even feeding).

Aquarium lighting involves two types of bulbs: incandescent, and fluorescent. The most attractive aquariums use artificial lighting to display the unique colours of fish and to grow natural plants. Even though fluorescent bulbs are more expensive, they are known to produce better light, generate less heat and use less electricity then the cheaper incandescent bulbs.

At The Urban Zoo, we have reliable aquarium lighting fixtures for every type of habitat, a full range of bulb choices, hoods and canopies to mount your lighting fixtures, and any lighting accessory needed to complete your setup.

Filters and Pumps

Clean water is vital in prolonging the life span of fish. The Urban Zoo has a range of filters and pumps for purifying aquarium water. Our collection of dependable filters include a number of different mechanisms: submersible filters; clip-on power filters; internal and external filters. Our sturdy and powerful pumps, just as our filters, come in different sizes and accommodate most aquarium tanks . Our reliable filters and pumps will reduce the bacterial growth in your tank by cleaning your aquarium water effectively.


Heat sources include two types of heaters: submersible heaters and electronic heaters. Submersible heaters provide fish hobbyists with more application flexibility. Remember, for safety reasons, to always let the heater sit in the water for 20-30 minutes before plugging it into an electrical outlet; following these instructions will avoid accelerated temperature changes and prevent the glass tube from breaking.

Electronic heaters such as the clip-on heater are easily attached to tanks and tend to produce more controlled temperatures for fish. These heaters have proved to be the more economical option for our customers. The Urban Zoo's selection of heating devices help fish lovers to maintain the necessary warmth for their aquatic life!

If your aquarium tank contains ONLY goldfish or guppies , a heater is not required .

At The Urba Zoo, we stock many other types of serviceable fish equipment used to promote and preserve aquatic life and aquarium maintenance. These products include:

  • Fish and Tank
    • Timers
    • Thermometers
    • Fish Nets
    • Algae Scrubbers
    • Algae Magnet Tank Cleaner
    • Cartilages
    • Carbon/Foam
    • Hoses, Connectors, and Valves
  • Decorative Accessories
    • Rocks and Coated Coral
    • Colored and Natural Gravel
    • Natural and Artificial Plants
    • Driftwood
    • Aerating Ornaments
    • Non Aerating Ornaments
    • Poly Resin Decorative Accessories
    • Aquarium Backgrounds
  • Health Care Products
    • Fish Treatments
    • Water Conditioners
    • Plant Food and Conditioners
    • Fish Testing Kits
    • Waste Control Solutions
    • Bacterial Filtration Supplements
    • Goldfish Bowl Conditioner
    • Amonia Remover

Never decorate your aquarium with natural coral, shells or metal objects.
Never use beach sand.

Do you need more information on your particular fish? We offer a variety of educational literature such as books and magazines to help you learn more about your aquatic hobby. Other learning aids such as audio-visual information tools (e.g., videos/DVD's) can be ordered upon request.

Fish Nourishment

The quality of your fish's health is directly related to their coloration, activity level, disease resistance and reproduction abilities. The Urban Zoo's nutritious, wholesome fish food is enriched with essential vitamins and minerals, to ensure the well-being of your fish. We carry an assortment of fish food: flakes; crisps; freeze-dried; granular; stick foods; tablet foods, and feeding supplements. Always purchase a few different types of food to give your fish some variety in their diet.

We carry only quality brand name products, and are proud to offer the following:

  • Marina
    • By Hagen
      Hagen Marina Micro L.E.D. Light Sets Let your imagination light up your aquarium. With these LED light sets, you can Create various lighting effects or create your own hightlights in your aquarium. They are also ideal as a night light.

      These lights are fully submersible and can be used with both freshwater and saltwater aquariums. Position the Micro LED (by use of a sucker provided) inside the canopy above the water surface, or on the outside of the tank or bowl, or under the water for a diffused light effect

  • Tetra
    • Tetra is the only brand name that's become synonymous with ornamental fish keeping, thanks to Dr. Ulrich Baensch. He founded Tetra Werke (Company) in Melle, Germany 50 years ago, and pioneered the development of flake fish foods. Tetra now manufactures hundreds of products and publishes books for aquarium fish keeping, reptile and amphibian keeping, and water gardening.

      We are a research and manufacturing center and supplier for the Tetra fish foods, nutrition products and water conditioners that supply a worldwide market. Our small aquarium kits are a great way to get into the fish-keeping hobby. Consider a new "wet pet" today!

  • Whisper
    • By Tetra
      When you use Whisper aquarium filters by Tetra, you know they choose the right name. This filter system is so quiet that you will not believe that it is even working. Whisper produces aquarium filters that will keep your fish tank perfect for all of your exotic fish.

      Their power filters are made for every size aquarium for both internal and external filtration. They all work wonderfully and keep your fish happy and healthy in a clean environment. Whisper filters are easy to maintain and clean.

  • Aquaclear

    • By Hagen
      The AquaClear by Hagen is possibly the most popular Power Filter series in the market. Their versatile design makes the incredibly easy to configure your aquarium setup any way you wish.

      AquaClear filters are very silent and reliable, and the output flow doesn't disturb the water surface too much, making it an ideal filter for live plant tanks. The foam insert lasts virtually forever, all that is required is to rinse it once in a while.

      Designed to fully exploit the benefits of removing aquarium waste both mechanically and biologically. The waterfall style output of the filter agitates the water surface while creating beneficial currents throughout the entire volume of the aquarium. Another quality product by Hagen.

  • Fluval

    • By Hagen
      Fluval filter systems by Hagen offer you complete and multi-stage filtration for aquariums up to 400 liters or around 100 U.S. gallons. These units consist of a modular design, are very versatile, durable and well constructed cannister filters with many excellent user friendly features.

      the best features of these filters is how easy they are to open, remove and clean the prefilter sponges, without disturbing the media trays, and then close and restart them. We highly recommend any of these high quality Series units for anyone that is looking for what you might call the "cadillac" of canister filters.

  • Waterhome

    • Waterhome Aquariums kits come in many different sizes for your home. They come with all the essential ingredients for starting a freshwater aquarium. All you need to add is water, gravel, fish, plants. Great night light for a kids room!

  • Nutrafin
    • By Hagan
      When something so advanced - so outstanding comes along, a new category must be created. This is such an instance. Hagen is proud to introduce the first truly premium fish food.

      NUTRAFIN Max is the only fish food that has the highest quality ingredients, scientific breakthroughs in added nutrients and waste reduction, and a thorough quality assurance certification program.