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Free Bird Sitting

We offer an evocative range of authentic nature sound recordings, transporting your bird to pristine, wild places and reminding him of nature's gentler pace of life. These soundtracks are great for for calming and relaxing your bird while you are out.

The Urban Zoo understands why many people are attracted to birds as pets. Birds have several desirable characteristics, ranging from their different colours and sizes, to their own distinct breed-specific behaviours and specialized abilities.

If you are searching for a melodic bird, canaries will sweeten your day with a cheerful song, whereas, finches will fill your world with soothing murmurs. Budgies and cockatiels are playful birds, who are enjoyable interactive companions, they will delight you with their intelligence and amusing antics. Other birds, such as the Macaws, African Grays and Cockatoos are the larger exotic birds. These bigger exotic birds require a strong commitment from pet owners due to their longevity but the fruits of your labor will be rewarded, with an 'almost' lifetime of loyal friendship!

The bird lover's quest is to light upon a complimentary feathered friend. Finding the best bird for your lifestyle involves a great deal of thought since bird behaviours and personalities vary as much as that of humans. Once customers have researched their particular bird and its needs, our competent staff will be pleased to suggest our various bird care products for pet nurturing.

Nurturing pets ...big or small ...we help you do it all!

Bird Housing:

We offer various cages and stands in many colours, sizes and styles, be it for the majestic parrot or the delicate lyrical songbird. Our spacious cages will house your bird safely and comfortably since our suppliers build cages to meet superior quality standards. The cages at the Urban Zoo are constructed with lead and zinc-free wire and are designed with the appropriate bar spacing to accommodate all bird breeds. Other attractive features of our cages include: secure latches and doors; accessible entry points, but best of all ...the cages are convenient to clean!

Stands and Cabinets

Our durable stands and cabinets are strong enough to support the weight of our cages. Stands and cabinets are available in an assortment of sizes, textures and colours. If you can't find the stand, cabinet or cage you desire ...then order it from our store catalogue. The Urban Zoo will find it a pleasure to assist you in selecting a cage or stand to your satisfaction.

Whatever your style, we have a unique cage and stand for you at affordable prices!

Bird Accessories

Searching to meet your bird's specific needs? View the Urban Zoo's bird care product chart.

  • Bird Furniture
    • Cages
    • Stands
    • Play Gyms
    • Bird Carriers
    • Perches
    • Swings/Ladders
    • Mirrors
  • Bird care accessories
    • Feeding Cups
    • Water Receptacles/Tubes
    • Chewable Toys
    • Non Chewable Toys
    • Bird Cage Covers
    • Leashes/Harnesses
    • Seed Guards/Seed Catchers
  • Health care products
    • Nail Trimmers
    • Pet Bird Remedies
    • Cuttlebones
    • Mineral and Iodine Blocks
    • Bath Misters
    • Corn Cobb/Gravel Paper
    • Nesting Materials/Straw Nests

The Urban Zoo's selection of cages and play accessories are functionally designed specifically for your pet bird's housing and recreational activities.

Do you need more information on your particular pet bird?

We offer a variety of educational literature such as books and magazines to help you learn more about your pet bird. Other learning aids such as audio-visual information tools (e.g., videos/DVD's) can be ordered upon request. Birds considered for pets include various breeds ranging from the colourful tropical breeds to the more exotic species.

  • Tropical Birds
    • Budgies
    • Parakeets
    • Finches
    • Canaries
    • Lovebirds
    • Cockateils
  • Exotic Birds
    • Large Parrots (Amazons)
    • Macaws
    • African Grays
    • Quakers
    • Conures
    • Caiques
    • Cockatoos

Bird Nourishment:

The Urban Zoo endeavours to provide nutritious, wholesome bird food, enriched with essential vitamins and minerals. Our shelves are stocked with traditional seed mixes, granulated diet food, mixed seed diet, seed diet supplements and seed treats. Our bird food is always packaged to maintain freshness.

The Urban Zoo is proud to offer these brand name products:

  • Zupreem
    • Exceptional Diets for Your bird

      For over 40 years, we have understood that the single most important influence on an animal's health is nutrition. When you choose a ZuPreem product, you know you are getting the best from the world's expert in nutrition for exotic pets and animals in zoos.

  • Tropican

    • Tropican is the only formulated food line that most birds will need in their lifetime, from a newly hatched baby chick to a mature, breeding adult. For baby chicks, Tropican Breeding Diet is a formula product with no guesswork, recipes or cooking required. Tropican High Performance Granules provide stressed or breeding birds with extra protein and minerals. For regular maintenance, Tropican Lifetime Granules or Lifetime Food Sticks ensure that fussy eaters get a full balanced diet. Since Tropican incorporates vitamins and minerals, the Prime Supplement is not needed.

  • Zoomax
    • Zoo-Max® is a Canadian venture established in 1989, at that time they imported bird food. As time went on, they developed their own manufacturing plant. For the past 15 years they have manufactured their own bird food and are well known in Canada under the trade name Fruitomax® , Vitomax® , Econo-Max® and an extruded food called Zoo-Max®.

  • Vision
    • THE MULTI-FUNCTIONAL CARRIER SYSTEM The Vision® Home for Birds continues the "less mess" tradition of bird cage design pioneered by the original Vision® Living Space for Birds. As we all know birds, while making wonderful companions, can be quite messy. Their movements cause air currents which, in the case of most standard bird cages, cause waste, feathers and seed debris to be ejected from the cage and onto the floor.

      In the case of the Vision® Home for Birds, the combination of debris guard, deep base and the placement of the seed/water cups help combat air currents to keep the majority of the waste and debris inside the cage. This reduces the amount of mess and the time-consuming clean ups associated with bird keeping, leaving you more time to enjoy your pet. Vision® Home for Birds are available in single home and tall home models, with each model available in Small, Medium and Large sizes. To find out more, Browse through our Vision Catalogue

  • The Parrot University
    • The Parrot University Can a parrot, designed by nature for millions of years, be truly mentally and physically healthy without flight?

      The Parrot University has spent 20 years researching what makes a parrot a parrot. We have found the number one characteristic that defines "a parrot" is its ability to fly. Flight is fundamental to every component of a parrot's mind and body.

      Learning to fly well is the most complicated and important task a parrot can learn. Your pet will be healthier, more active, more coordinated, and increase its' visual acuity. Flying helps with language development, higher intelligence, self-confidence, self-esteem and ultimately makes a very social companion.

      The AVIATOR Harness is so advanced and unique it has 8 patent claims pending and it is the only truly safe bird restraint system. It is the only escape proof pet bird harness. Your bird can easily remove the leash and sometimes the harness from every other brand of harness. The AVIATOR Harness Easily fits the largest pet birds and cockatiels as small as 75 grams. It has a one piece design with no pieces to assemble. Advanced engineering has eliminated dangerous buckles and clips that distract and injure birds.

  • Vitakraft
    • VITAKRAFT is one of the biggest internationally active producers of bird food and supplies. Vitakraft Premium Menu Daily Food consists of fine, sun-ripened crops, seeds, peanuts, raisins, banana chips, corn, mung beans, carob, dehydrated pineapple , peas, striped sunflower seeds, oat kernels, coconut chips, dehydrated dates, buckwheat, dehydrated figs, dehydrated apples, dehydrated mango, and is enriched with vital vitamins A, B2, C, D3, E, honey, mineral salts and vegetables oils. With this product, you can feed your pet birds in a natural way and give your beloved birds the nutrition needed to stay healthy and happy. This is a Complete bird food for your pet bird as it is specially supplemented with the specific vitamins your species of bird requires for proper feathering and general health.

  • Prevue Hendryx
    • Prevue Pet Products is the oldest and largest pet products manufacturer in the United States and its specialty is the Prevue Hendryx line of birdcages.

      Prevue Hendryx offers over 800 products from cages to toys and accessories so all of your birds' comfort and caging needs can be easily met. Each product is engineered with a priority on pet safety, product longevity and the decor of your home in mind.

      Safety of your pet is our number one concern. All of our cages and toys are produced with the safety of you and your pet in mind. Our methods of multiple finishing and coatings on our cages are completely non-toxic, therefore both pet and child safe. We use no lead or zinc so there isn't any possibility of heavy metals toxicity. Our independent lab analysis process is constant and ongoing, as our engineers design new and innovative products to provide for your pets' needs.